Champaign County Auditor
George P. Danos

Fraud and Abuse Portal

The Champaign County Fraud and Abuse Portal is for reporting any suspected fraud, misconduct or abuse by Champaign County employees, contractors, or vendors. This portal is also made available for whistleblower protection under 50 ILCS 105/4.1

Here are some ways for members of the public to report fraud, misconduct or abuse.

Phone or Voicemail

If you observe any fraud, waste, abuse, or misuse of Champaign County resources, please call the Auditor's Office at 217-384-3763. This phone is answered by the County Auditor (Monday through Friday) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and goes to voice mail afterward. You may then leave a message for the Auditor to return your call.

In person

Speak with George Danos, County Auditor at the Auditor's Office or at an alternate location.


Print and fill out the Waste, Fraud and Abuse form and send to:

  • George Danos, County Auditor
  • Champaign County Auditor's Office
  • 1776 E. Washington St, Urbana, IL 61802


Send an email (you may attach the form above) with detailed information to [email protected].

You can remain anonymous, but we might need additional information to investigate your allegation of fraud, waste or abuse. If you decide to identify yourself, the Auditor's Office will not knowingly disclose information that would identify you without your permission, unless required by law. If you still wish to remain anonymous, simply provide no personally identifying information. Whether you report anonymously or not, the County Auditor's Office will treat your report confidentially. Moreover, The Illinois Whistleblower Act protects all Illinois residents—not just government employees—when they blow the whistle on government corruption. You must be truthful in your allegations. The intentional reporting of false or purposely misleading information can result in civil or criminal liability.

Why should you report?

Taxpayers deserve effective and honest government. You can help ensure that effectiveness by reporting suspicious activity to the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Portal.

What should be reported?

The Fraud, Waste and Abuse portal is reserved for reporting instances of fraud, waste, and abuse within Champaign County government operations and its related departments. It does not concern complaints about your neighbors, private businesses, or other local governments.

Six basic elements should be included in your report:

  • WHO – Which individuals are aware of or responsible for the improper activity?
  • WHAT – What is the improper activity? Is there documentation that substantiates the reported improper activity?
  • WHEN – When did the activity occur? When did you discover it? Is it still occurring?
  • WHERE – Where did the improper activity occur; within a County department or elsewhere? Where can the investigator locate those involved or who have information about the activity? Where can an investigator find documents or other evidence related to the activity?
  • WHY – Why did the activity occur? Did the activity benefit those involved?
  • HOW – How was the activity able to occur? Were controls circumvented that allowed the activity to occur?

What are some examples of fraud, waste and abuse?

  • • Theft or personal abuse of county funds, equipment, supplies, or any other county resources
  • • Payroll fraud
  • • Compensation for goods not received, services not performed, or hours not worked
  • • Insurance claim fraud
  • • Expense claim fraud
  • • Identity theft
  • • Procurement fraud or bid rigging
  • • Fictitious suppliers or otherwise false billing
  • • Falsification of records
  • • Wasteful, excessive, unnecessary, or inappropriate purchases or expenditures
  • • Personal use or abuse of county property including vehicles, equipment, and supplies
  • • Gross mismanagement or neglect of duty
  • • Conflicts of interest or the misuse of one's position for personal gain
  • • Improper handling or reporting of financial transactions
  • • Solicitation or acceptance of a bribe or kickback